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Portorium's customs and legal experts scour world news daily to stay on top of changes to international trade laws and regulations. The resources on this page share insights and perspectives on market changes, their impact on economic operators, and the future of customs compliance.
Portorium - TOM whitepaper

The Target Operating Model, the “Holy Grail” of UK customs and trade, or an unholy mess of red tape? 

At long last, the UK government finalised the Border Target Operating Model, which sets forth the various levels of sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) checks that food imported into GB will have to pass through. 

In this paper, we offer a different perspective on customs processes affected, business improvements suggested by the TOM, and unintended repercussions derived from the TOM, focusing on the food and horticulture industry.

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The Customs Control Tower

The Future of Customs: The Customs Control Tower  

The concept of a customs control tower embodies the future of customs management. It has the potential to streamline disconnected processes and shine a light on opportunities for improvement, shifting the role of customs from administrative overhead to strategic player. This will prove to be crucial for companies with multicountry operations, particularly as pressure mounts to cut costs and optimise operations due to uncertainties in the world economy. 

In this paper, we detail the purpose of a customs control tower, the types of companies that would benefit from it, the value it provides, and how to set one up.

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