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Portorium's offering is unique to the marketplace. We are not a customs broker, software house, logistics service, or traditional consultancy. Rather, we have invented a new model, combining consulting, software, and managed services so that companies can bring customs in-house, providing them with control and visibility, while we manage the process from end to end.  

By streamlining  and consolidating customs management with Portorium, companies are able to overcome one of the largest bottlenecks in the supply chain and ensure timely delivery of goods, all while saving on the costs related to international trade. 

30 years as pioneers in the industry

Portorium is built on founder Pieter Haesaert's 30 years of understanding business challenges in the customs domain and supported by a team that specialises in customs software, services, and legal framework. Pieter's companies have led the market in customs transformation since 2004, introducing the concept of automating customs compliance with a digital-first approach in 2014.

In 2023, Portorium launched an innovative model that meets the needs of international traders with the addition of managed services, an approach that assumes responsibility for end-to-end customs operations. The result? Assured compliance and trade optimisation from a single, trusted partner. 


What is the Portorium difference?

Managed Services allow companies to bring customs in-house without having to hire additional resources for software administration and task execution. We do it all for you, while you maintain control.

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