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Portorium transforms customs management from cost centre to strategic advantage

Pieter Haesaert

Founder and CEO

Pieter is the visionary behind Portorium. His experience as a senior customs manager for two Big 4 accounting firms as well as an advisor for Belgian Customs gave him first-hand insight into the complexities—and inefficiencies—of customs operations. This inspired Pieter to transform the world of customs, beginning the journey by founding Customs4trade (C4T) in 2004. Originally a consultancy, Pieter soon realised that companies didn’t just need advisors who could provide guidance on complicated customs procedures but also a technology solution that could tackle those complexities head on. 

Steadfast in his belief that customs organisations get the greatest benefit from a single-source partner, Pieter founded Portorium, blending a digital-first approach with consulting and managed services delivered by experts in the customs domain. Portorium helps companies take back control of their trade operations, shifting the role of customs from cost centre to strategic player.


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What does Managed Services mean?

Portorium's Managed Services are what make our offering an end-to-end customs solution. We take a digital-first approach, automating as many tasks as possible, then our Managed Services team of customs and operations specialists takes responsibility for any other 'job to be done' that you don't have the in-house customs expertise or resources to support. Managed Services are à la carte, so you only pay for what you need. This makes customs management scalable for companies of all sizes, and that's why our solution is end to end. Some talk about it. We do it.


Jana De Borger

Senior Account Executive

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Pavel Malei

Senior Account Executive

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Stefanie Verheyden

Senior Service Manager 


Sjors Vonken

Senior Customs Consultant


Florentina Popescu

Finance Manager

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