When you're importing or exporting goods, every minute counts. Make sure your declarations clear customs the first time with automated submission supported by expert managed services for monitoring, analysis, and execution. 

Why self-file?
  • Speed up customs clearance
  • Eliminate costly broker fees
  • Gain visibility into trade operations
  • Standardise multi-jurisdiction filing 
  • Qualify for Returned Goods Relief (RGR)

Standardise across countries

Portorium's solution automates declaration filing for multiple jurisdictions, providing greater efficiency and complete visibility.

Use case: Saving money on multi-country filing

A food manufacturer was reliant on numerous brokers to process import and export declarations for multiple countries. Upon shipment and again at arrival, goods were delayed for an hour or more while awaiting response from the customs broker, which added significant time and stress in the transport of perishable items.


  • Brought customs in-house 
  • Automated declarations for 4 import countries and 5 export countries
  • Gained broker independence
  • Fully supported by managed services; no new FTEs necessary
  • After-hours support
  • Faster delivery times on perishable goods
  • 90% of recurring declaration costs saved annually
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How it works 

Portorium’s blended solution allows you to benefit from the efficiencies of a digital solution without having to hire the resources to manage it. Our software and domain specialists onboard you and ensure the accuracy of your declarations with expert oversight.


Our team will assess your trade lanes and processes and help define the declaration procedure requirements for the logistics flows you want to automate or insource. As there is a vast number of options for declaration procedures, some guidance by our experts will help define the project implementation scope.  


We follow a proven onboarding methodology to configure the declaration software to meet your specific needs, maximising opportunities for automation. We then work side by side with your team to set up and test integration with your ERP and business processes.


Our managed services team will take over monitoring, validating, and executing day-to-day declarations operations, either in full or as an augmentation of your customs team. We offer both standard hours and round-the-clock services, depending on your requirements. Regardless of our level of involvement, you retain full visibility into your customs operations, giving you insights and control to optimise based on what is working. 

Returned Goods Relief
for multi-country filing

Returned Goods Relief (RGR) allows for exemption from customs duties and VAT when importing goods into the UK/EU that were previously exported from the UK/EU. 

Find out how you can qualify for RGR and reap the benefits.

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Returned Goods Relief
Our unique approach ensures that all declaration requirements are met, reducing the risk of delays or rejections at customs and enhancing your overall supply chain efficiency.
Software solution
  • Highly configurable
  • Supports fully automated or manual flows
  • Integrates with ERP via APIs or SAP plugin
  • Validates consignment data
  • Supports declaration sequencing
  • Automates import and export declarations with one step
  • Supports broker management for last-mile filing
  • Syncs information with ERP
  • Provides on-demand reporting
Managed services (standard or 24/7)
  • Add missing declaration data
  • Resolve ingest errors​
  • If manual filing, submit declaration​ 
  • Check customs system availability 
  • Present requested electronic documents to customs​ 
  • Check with customs on timed-out alerts​ 
  • Investigate issues/errors 
  • Delete, amend, invalidate declarations​ 
  • Manage border control procedures​ 

When you’re importing or exporting goods, every minute counts, yet customs is often one of the largest bottlenecks in the supply chain. Learn more about how you can automate multi-country filing.

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Did you know? 

Proper product classification is a pre-requisite for self-filing declarations. Portorium can help you get your item master data in order and automate classification.


Our solution supports import, export, and/or transit declaration filing in 11 countries, with more on the roadmap. Broker management capabilities for last-mile filing worldwide extend that reach, providing a global fast-lane for your goods.
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Sail through customs

Portorium's customs experts ensure your declarations are complete, compliant, and on time, eliminating border delays.