Portorium: Empowering Businesses through Seamless Customs Solutions

The word got out after interviews with Trends & Flows! I am super excited to launch Portorium Solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing customs automation and management processes.
Having previously founded Customs4trade it was written in the stars that I would find myself back in this dynamic industry. The experiences and knowledge gained over the years have propelled me to embark on this new entrepreneurial journey.
Portorium Solutions aims to address a critical gap in the market. While companies have access to software providers, consultants, and customs brokers individually, there is currently no company that seamlessly offers customs software solution and expert services. We are here to empower organizations to make their customs processes more efficient, increase control, and ensure compliance with legal obligations.

We primarily focus on industries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and the UK that aim to take control of customs processes but lack the software solution and the operational team to execute.
What sets us apart is our strategic partnership with AEB who have a range of exceptional software solutions that automate all the complex processes of customs declarations, special procedures, product classification, trade compliance and origin management.

We are also actively collaborating with AEB to further develop and enhance the solutions. I am very grateful for the many meaningful conversations with Markus Meissner Steffen Frey Torsten Mallée Ian Crauwels over the past months. AEB does not only have exceptional customs solutions but also an exceptional people & culture!
Our vision is to shift the approach of customs from being viewed as a mere cost to becoming a strategic element in the supply chain. Today, customs processes have a substantial financial impact on businesses. By approaching customs operations intelligently, we can help companies save money while ensuring compliance. With the UCC in the EU and Single Trade Window in the UK bringing new concepts for customs compliance to the table and companies actively seeking improved solutions to manage customs compliance, it’s time to reset a future-proof approach to customs management.
Together with Pavel Malei Valentina Marku Sjors Vonken Stefanie Verheyden Florentina Popescu I am excited about this new chapter and the opportunities it holds. Let's engage in meaningful conversations, collaborate, and drive innovation forward in the customs domain together.
Thank you for your continuous support. I look forward to reconnecting with you! Please Follow Portorium Solutions to stay informed.

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